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Series of Four Coffee House about Idle No More /  Divided No More Want to Know More? 

Background: Okanagan Lake

About Us

We are a group of First Nations women who wanted to contribute in a positive way to the Idle No More movement. We understood that there were many misconceptions and unawareness that non-Aboriginal people would have about the Idle No More movement. We understood that there was a need to create a comfortable venue to learn and discuss what the movement is about. 

Our hope is that we can build and increase understanding for non-Aboriginal people to come and learn, ask questions and discuss the movement in a free educational discussion session with speakers that are well informed and educated and to provide plenty of time for discussions and questions.

"Being a place that preserves static history, the Penticton Museum is thrilled to be part of an active and engaging group of sessions that has so much resonance for locals on both sides of the channel.  We are happy to see these educational sessions contribute to the greater dialogue around Canadian history and identity." - Peter Ord, Manager Museum & Archives


What is the Series of Four?

The Series of Four is a public open invitation Coffee House to four educational sessions about Idle No More/Divided No More that took place in January and February in 2013 in Penticton, BC. To know more about and listen to each session click here.